If you need branch managers, franchisees or partners to create their own brand controlled artwork then you should consider a marketing portal from ROI360. Watch this short demo video of the ROI360 demo marketing portal and see how easy it is to empower a network of marketing users to access and create tailored marketing materials. See how marketing solutions from ROI360 can dramatically reduce marketing administration, design costs and improve marketing performance.

The demo video shows how your marketing users can self-serve routine marketing requirements without consuming central marketing resource. Use the demo site and see how easy it is to create everything from social graphics to posters to digital signage without design skills using just a web browser. ROI360 marketing portals provide everything the central marketer needs to empower non-designers to create artwork.

Brand compliant artwork templates ensure the right level of content customisation is available. Choose to allow image upload or restrict users to a predefined library of centrally approved images. Let users pick from defined offers or allow them to free type content with intelligent ‘flex’ to automatically manage how content fits a desired space. It is even possible to allow users to pick entire layouts or sections of a brochure or a proposal and see the artwork update automatically.

Central marketing can control who has access to which templates. Approvals processes can be setup for specific users or specific templates to allow for internal sign off before artwork is produced. Budget management can also be implemented to keep control of who and what is being produced to ensure marketing spend is controlled.


Want to try the demo site yourself? Visit demo.oraclegym.co.uk and try the demo site for free. To find out if your organisation could benefit from an online marketing portal then take the Scorecard and get a tailored suitability score based on your answers.

ROI360 Demo Video