Controlling marketing budgets across teams, distributors or staff can be tough. How can you stop some people from spending too much while incentivising others to do more and boost? Maybe you want to incentivise top performing distributors with some free marketing support. Perhaps you need to tighten the purse strings during a seasonal quiet period. Trying to manage everything on spreadsheets and reconcile with the accounts department is time consuming and is rarely accurate.


Software for Controlling Marketing Budgets

ROI360 have developed software for controlling marketing budgets directly within their artwork creation system. Watch this short video to see how budgets can be displayed and spent by marketing users.


Provide each user with a unique and highly visible marketing budget to spend on everything from posters to point of sale to pens. Marketing users can login on any device, customise artwork templates with controlled changes which retain brand integrity and then purchase those items using a simple checkout. The central marketing team can see budget levels and tweak individual budgets for specific users. Budgets can be set to renew monthly, quarterly or annually and it is even possible to update budgets for all users from a spreadsheet.


Controlling Marketing Budgets - Central Dashboard


Preventing Overspends

Stopping your marketing budget being spent by well-intentioned staff can be a challenge. Left unmanaged it is common for staff to order excessive marketing material or conduct marketing activities at the wrong time of year. By introducing a marketing portal from ROI360 the central marketing team can reduce marketing budgets at particular times of the year or for specific users.


Managing Co-Op Marketing Budgets

For some marketers the challenge isn’t contracting marketing it is about incentivising distributors or partners with a co-op marketing budget. ROI360’s artwork creation software provides a simple way to allow distributors or partners to create co-branded marketing materials while controlling marketing budgets. Partners can customise materials such as social media graphics, adverts or printed materials with their logo and copy. Premium partners could be allocated additional budget based on performance or particular campaign objectives while central marketing can see how the budget is being spent using an interactive dashboard.

ROI360 Order Analytics


Start Controlling Marketing Budgets

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