ROI360 put marketing materials directly into the hands of your local marketing users and Order Analytics measures the use of that local marketing.

Marketing Portals offer branch managers, sales people or franchisees the tools to create professional, on brand marketing without the need for designers. One of the often-overlooked benefits of this approach to marketing management is the ability to better measure local marketing.


Introducing Order Analytics

Order Analytics from ROI360 logs all marketing portal activity and provides managers with a simple and visual way to see local marketing activity such as;

  • Most active local marketers
  • Gaps in local marketing coverage
  • Popular marketing channels and campaigns
  • Volume and frequency of local marketing template use

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Use Order Analytics to track which artwork products and campaigns are the most popular. Pinpoint top users and gain vital feedback help improve local marketing. Order Analytics is a great way to help create and monitor local marketing KPI’s and demonstrate the ROI of local marketing.


Start Measuring Local Marketing

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