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Web-to-Print: The Future of Printing

The team at ROI360 didn’t just sell us a system and walk away, they were pivotal in us win our first major client with the Software.

Ross Peart, Director, Acorn Press

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Web-to-print is up to 80% more efficient

Web-to-print solutions from ROI360 reduce manual processes involved in printing. As average run lengths reduce it is more important than ever to be efficient. Web-to-print removes or automates steps such as estimating, pre-press and administrative communications with customers. Reducing manual intervention cuts the cost of printing and improves the profitability of jobs.

Web-to- Print Efficiency Savings

  • Quoting

    Avoid job by job quoting. Display agreed pricing with intelligent unit breakpoints and delivery costing.

  • PO / Payment Confirmation

    Require a purchase order or even a credit card payment at checkout to ensure the job can be processed without further order administration.

  • Artwork Creation

    Users create their own artwork from intelligent, brand approved templates or choose finished PDF’s to call off stock.

  • Pre-Press

    Artwork is automatically press-ready with embedded profiles, bleed, crop and imposition settings to remove pre-press tasks.

  • Order Creation

    Users create orders online which can be fully integrated into management information systems such as Tharstern MIS to minimise manual intervention.

  • Job Status Notifications

    Automatically update users as the status of their job moves from printing to delivery.