Promotions and Point of Sale for 500 Golf Pros

Increase in Sales for Members
Reduced Marketing Costs
Improved Awareness of TGI brand

Who are TGI Golf?


TGI are a network of 500 PGA golf professional partners working together on the business of golf. The organisations provides retail support service to help golf professionals setup and successfully run golf shops.


Marketing Challenges at TGI

Over the last 30+ years TGI have created processes, partnerships and services that scale with the needs of the network. One of the areas that remained a challenge, was marketing support. Each golfer has their own campaign ideas and a unique physical location to populate with point of sale material. Seasonal peaks and unpredictable trends for specific products create spikes in demand for which the network must react to with marketing materials. Producing artwork and campaign materials during peak times and keeping control of costs were pivotal.

The Solution

  • Retail POS creation

  • Bespoke Promotions builder for print, social and email

  • Powerpoint and Video downloads

  • Link to email delivery service

Any Material, Any Size

Golfers can choose from a number of types of campaign from sales promotions or special offers to fully customisable blank templates. Each of the campaign materials can be created in a variety of sizes and can be automatically be rendered for professional or local printing with the crop and bleed settings required for printing.


With unlimited combinations of apparel brands, promotions and deals, flexibility of templates is key. Each template offers variants in colour, layout and automatically scales headlines and copy. With an unlimited number of permutations of materials each member can create truly unique marketing campaigns and supporting materials from a small number of flexible templates.

Social Media

On-premise POS and physical campaign materials are supported by a suite of social media templates. These templates allow members to spread campaign messages to their followers in a much faster and more cost-effective way than physical marketing alone.

The Result

  • Reduced Marketing Costs

  • New Local Marketing Campaigns

  • Increasing Awareness of TGI Golf Brand

  • Increase in Sales for Members

The introduction of the ROI360 marketing portal has provided a scalable, cost effective marketing facility for TGI members. Advertising and marketing campaigns used to be cumbersome, generic and frustrating to members. Now golfers can craft their own campaigns, respond to seasonal trends and maximise their revenues.