Artwork creation for 35 Galleries

Lead time for artwork reduced by over 94%
Brand consistency restored
Additional central marketing resource available for strategic projects

Who are Castle Galleries?

Castle Galleries are the UK’s leading art retailer with 35 galleries across the UK.

Marketing Challenges at Castle Galleries

Every gallery runs up to 12 events each year. Each event requires point of sale, invitations and marketing collateral specifically for that individual event. With over 200+ events to co-ordinate each year the time investment to manage them centrally was too time consuming. Opting to allow the individual galleries to create their own event and POS materials led to an inevitable erosion of consistency of the brand. A new approach was needed.

The Solution

  • Business Stationery

  • Opening Hours

  • Artists Profiles

Each of the 35 galleries can now self-serve marketing materials to support their individual galleries. Artist profiles, business stationery and POS is available online 24/7 with guaranteed brand consistency. An approvals process controlled by Castle Galleries HQ allows for specific materials to be reviewed before print expense is incurred.

Business Stationery

Materials such as business cards, compliments slips and wedding lists were taking up to 8 weeks to produce centrally. More pressing event marketing would often lead to these increases in lead time. Now with ROI360, individual galleries can self-serve these materials when they need them. It just takes a few minutes to adapt the templates and place a print order directly with Castle Galleries print supplier.

Artist Profiles

Each gallery displays different artists work at different times. It used to be a challenge to manage the various combinations of artists profiles required in a specific gallery. With ROI360 each gallery can choose any number of artists in the Castle Galleries network and create high resolution, variable length PDF’s for instant download. These pdfs are optimised for printing in the gallery and therefore allow galleries to be self-sufficient in their production needs while central marketing can keep control of the content to ensure consistency.

Data Upload Price Tickets

Producing price tickets for the wide variety of artwork on display at Castle Galleries used to be a laborious artworking task. With ROI360 the individual galleries can simply upload a data file containing all of the items required. The gallery can map which of the fields of data correspond with the price ticket fields and complete the merge. ROI360 produces a merged, on-brand PDF ready for production in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take.

The Result

  • Lead time for artwork reduced by over 94%.

  • Brand consistency restored

  • Increased central marketing resource for strategic projects

The introduction of ROI360 has improved the efficiency of the marketing function at Castle Galleries. The system has led to a ‘new normal’ where brand consistency has been safeguarded throughout the retail stores and marketing administration has been reduced significantly.