Deploying a Co-op Marketing Solution for 300 Dealers

“ROI360 has become the starting point for everything we do with the dealer network. We now have point of sale material in 3 times more dealerships since introducing the system.”
– Jef O’Riley, European Marketing Manager, Ariens

The Situation

It is the job of the central marketing team to provide support to the dealer network to maximise brand exposure and sales.

Ariens dealers vary from exclusive Ariens only branded outlets to multi-brand, multi-service resellers. Few dealers have professional marketing or creative teams but many seek to highlight their own dealership brand over solely promoting manufacturers such as Ariens.

With a team of only 2 staff and a minimal dealer marketing budget, it was vital for Jef O’Riley, European Marketing Manager to find a scalable, cost-effective solution to cope with a wide range of dealer marketing requirements.

The Solution

A Suite of Marketing Support Materials

The Ariens Distributor Portal has grown from a simple point of sale ordering facility into a full dealership marketing facility. Everything from online advertising to clothing and exhibition materials complement sales sheets and point of sale materials.

Co-Branded Artwork Creation

Website adverts and point of sale materials provide controlled customisations of product choices with suggested straplines which can be edited by the distributor.

Beyond Artwork

The ROI360 powered dealer portal has grown to incorporate additional dealer management facilities. An image library, information resource centre and co-op marketing fund claim form are all seamlessly available to dealers.

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