Taking the Pain out of Artwork Creation

By having the administrative tasks covered by the software enables me to concentrate a lot more on strategy and planning ahead.

Michael Perry, Marketing Coordinator, Castle Galleries

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Artwork for Print, PDF or Social

Allow non-designers to create any type of artwork or documents.

  • Posters, Leaflets or Flyers

  • Social Media Graphics

  • Proposals and Business Documents

  • Case Studies

  • Business Stationery

  • Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Digital Signage Graphics

Free Type Text or Choose Content

Let users free type headlines and promotional messages or lock down the content to selectable options.

Intelligent copy fitting can automatically reduce font, leading and kerning sizes to accommodate overflowing content.

Use the paragraph editor to offer text formatting options such as bold and bullets for larger text areas.

Control Imagery

Decide which images can be used with which templates. An easily updatable global image library offers central marketing control of pre-approved images.

Need to offer image upload for a proposal or poster? Not a problem. The user library offers a sub library of images specific to the individual users. A resolution checker and in-browser cropping tool ensures image quality is controlled.

Vary Size and Length

Let users tweak the size of artwork for advertising applications or international paper sizes while maintaining content integrity.

Vary the number of pages in a document based on what the user selects. As the document length changes the contents page, page numbers and number of filler pages automatically updates. ROI360 clients have used variable length documents to vary product pages in a brochure, courses in a prospectus or services in proposals.

Create your free ROI360 demo account today, no credit card required

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