The Questions to ask during a Demo

Requesting a demo for a piece of software can be a minefield. Stop the confusion and ask the right questions at the right time.

No matter what, at some point in the buying cycle, you will need to see a demo of the potential software. When researching various suppliers, and requesting various demos – one can seem awfully similar to another.

It is incredibly important to ask the right questions that will give you the most out of a demo in a relatively small space of time. You must make sure you tailor the demo to your needs – and that means asking questions that are relevant to you. Not just to the supplier.

Download our worksheet on The best questions to ask during a demo

We have narrowed down the 6 key areas that will help ensure you get to the bottom of each and every demo you request.

Every Branded Document Automation demo will be a little different. However, regardless of the path the demonstrator takes, make sure the system you select makes you feel
confident about these 6 critical areas. If you don’t feel confident – delve a little deeper!

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