How to build the Best Focus Group

Implementing a new system can be hard. Get yourself on the right footing by starting a focus group!

How many times has a business bought a new technology and has left it sitting on the shelf because no one drives it forward after the purchase?

The main reason for this? It is not implemented correctly.

Why? They don’t use Focus Groups.

Focus Groups are the key to the successful implementation of new software. But who do you bring into a focus group? What questions do you ask? How often should you hold them?

Download our worksheet on How to build the best Focus Group today!

By using our worksheet – you can hold your first BDA focus group in a matter of minutes! We’ve done the research so you can get going quicker!

Find out the personality types you need to seek within your business to give you the best chance of your Branded Document Automation system being adopted by the majority.

Use the range of questions we have devised based on our experience and research to ask before implementation and after.

These key points will put you on the path to success!

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