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Your brand is important, but controlling it can be difficult. ROI360 acts as your extra resource in your design and marketing team.

ROI360 is here to deliver Branded Document Automation to your business.

But what is Branded Document Automation? ‘BDA’ is the technology that allows businesses to automate their marketing materials to ensure design consistency is on brand every time, increasing efficiency to market to the right audience within the right budget.

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ROI360 empowers businesses to create the assets that they need on demand

Your design is locked down. Your business will be able to create beautifully designed materials every time without the need of a dedicated support system around each individual asset.

The possibilities of what a responsive template can be are huge

Event banners, posters, digital displays, social media images, adverts, sales proposals and so on. Think about it – what lands on your desk that you dread the most? How much better would it be if that document could be automated under your control so you could put your energy into more strategic projects?

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Responsive Templates

There are many template based artwork systems on the market.  Yet, the majority only generate PDF’s, where only simple name and address changes can be made. Responsive artwork templates turn a creatives design into live artwork. The template can grow and expand in height and width. It can grow from a single page to a multipage document with scalable font and leading. Images from the image library can be cropped, scaled and placed into any document a user desires. Organisations can never go off brand with a template loaded with their brand guidelines.

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Output Images

By definition, Branded Document Automation covers multiple channels. It can output the document via various methods to a user for a specific channel. Output formats include, PDF, JPEG, PPML, EPS and GIF. Organisations can create companywide branded artwork for email, social media, digital displays, print, web banners and much more.

Image Library

Branded Document Automation allows you to store and tag images in a far simpler way compared to a DAM system. Responsive template technology allows you to create, personalise and update on one system.

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Automated Administration

Marketers often spend a significant amount of time dealing with requests for marketing materials.  Automated administration gives structure to all workflows across a business for different users. Reports and analytics give a clear view of the usage, effectiveness and budgets of the approved materials throughout the year. Individuals will be empowered to create their own materials via a web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Responsive Templates

Let your documents flourish with a fully responsive template that will grow and transform to your desired requirements.

Mobile Friendly

With our ROI360 theme, users have the ability to order and create templates on mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops.


Templates can update and render PDF previews at the click of a button. Output to PDF, JPEG, PPML, EPS and GIF.

Image Upload

ROI360 will automatically detect the orientation of your image and rotate if necessary. It will give you the ability to crop any image to fit your template perfectly.

Image Cropper

Crop any image to your desired area to fit your personalised template.

Instant Availability

No more waiting – Users can order their marketing material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Automated Administration

Edit templates live on the system so any amendments are available to users immediately.

Reports and Analytics

Measure adoption and usage through various reporting methods, which allows you to see what’s going on throughout the business.

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